Mondays @ the hospice (03.30.15)

Hospice -  sign for medical fitness and health careThere is a hospice around the corner from my home. For the last four Mondays I’ve been going to the hospice and visit the residents.  Today I went to see if Mr. G was there.

Last week I promised the wife, Mrs. G, that I would visit her today. I went into the room and the bed was empty; I had a feeling Mr. G. was not going to last through the week.  He was 89, she 78. They were married 60 years. She thought I was such a blessing to sit with her. Humbled, I thanked her for allowing me to stay.

Today I went to see Ms. W.  Some people here are in a transient state; they are present, they see you, but sometimes they look right through you.  It is like that for Ms. W.  As I sat with her, she kept looking over
my shoulder and looking at the right at something far off.  She was trying to say something to me, but I could not understand.  That frustrates me. I don’t want to pretend I hear when I don’t.  She allowed me to hold her hand for awhile.  I wanted to ask her how she felt since her roommate, Ms. G. died during the week.  That is the one thing I don’t care for with this hospice, there are two to a room.  Personally I want to die in peace, and I don’t want to hear anyone dying on the other side of the curtain. Continue Reading “Mondays @ the hospice”


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