Dying & Death Talk

Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.

The funeral as we know it is becoming a relic — just in time for a death boom

Courtesy of | By Karen Heller| Photo by Spike Mattford | Originally Posted 04.15.2019 | Published 09.17.2019 Dayna West knows how to throw a fabulous memorial shindig. She hired Los Angeles celebration-of-life planner Alison Bossert — yes, those now... Continue Reading →


Sacred Cat Rug

Courtesy of | Published 09.14.2019 Possibly the world's oldest rug, this Egyptian relic is woven entirely from ancient cat hair and once carried a mummified human foot.  Of all the oddities in St. Augustine, Florida, the Moorish, Alhambra Palace-inspired Villa Zorayda... Continue Reading →

Coping With the Death of Old Friends and Siblings

As we age, the losses come more frequently. We need to give them their due. Courtesy of | By Debbie Reslock | Originally Published 03.21.2017 | Posted 09.05.2019 In our family, my dad used to say we’d all be... Continue Reading →

Addressing Loss on Social Media

Courtesy of | By Mark Ray | Photo by Adobe Stock |Originally Published 08.07.2019 | Posted 09.02.2019 When Carla Sofka’s mother died just before Thanksgiving 2017, Sofka didn’t immediately post the news on social media. She was busy planning... Continue Reading →

Carolyn Hax: How to act around friends who didn’t even acknowledge your grief

Courtesy of the Washington Post | By Carolyn Hax | Originally Published 08.01.2019 | Posted 08.31.2019 Dear Carolyn: My sister killed herself two months ago. She had been suffering from depression and was diagnosed with a medical issue that would have... Continue Reading →

64 MORE Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Grief

Courtesy of What' | Posted 08.29.2019 Back in October, I wrote a post of 64 things I wish someone had told me about grief.   I wrote it on a whim when I was having some writer’s block, and never in... Continue Reading →

She lost her dad to suicide. She now hopes a billboard can help save others.

Courtesy of the Washington | By Marisa Iati | Photo by Caroline Adams | Originally Published 08.02.2019 |Posted 08.26.2019 Her father’s suicide interrupted all the normal 17-year-old things. The night it happened, Nicole Leth had been worried about who... Continue Reading →

When my grandmother died, she didn’t know she had cancer. Was it really ‘a good lie’?

Courtesy of The Lily | By Marian Liu / The Washington Post/Marian Liu; iStock; Lily illustration) | Originally Published 08.05.2019 | Posted 08.23.2019 I don’t cry in movies, but then again, I’ve never seen my life so clearly on-screen. I... Continue Reading →

What you should say to someone who has lost their child

Courtesy of | By A. Pawlowski | Originally Published 07.08.15 | Posted 08.18.2019 What do you say to a mom or dad who has suffered the ultimate heartbreak? As a mental health professional and twice-bereaved parent, Dr. Gordon Livingston knows... Continue Reading →

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