Dying & Death Talk

Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.

I Was Unexpectedly Widowed at 29. Then I Found Out About My Husband’s Affairs.

Courtesy of HuffPost Personal | By Robyn Woodman | Originally Posted 11.07.2019 | Published 12.14.2019 I push down the rising panic as my eyes dart nervously back and forth to the group two booths down. My boyfriend sits next to... Continue Reading →

Dr. Lisa Talks About…Grief – What it feels like

For Those in Grief, Talking to a Dead Loved One Is Good for Mental Health

Courtesy of TeenVogue | by Adryan Corcione | Originally Posted 08.30.2018 | Published 12.09.2019 And it's totally normal. Grief is hard work. Whether you’ve lost a parent, sibling, a friend, or someone else, a loved one’s death can lead to a... Continue Reading →

Dr. Lisa Talks About…Should You Go To The Funeral?

‘I Love You Still’: Woman creates baby memory book to comfort mothers after miscarriage

Courtesy of | By Kelly Taylor Hayes | Originally Posted 10.25.2019 | Published 12.05.2019 GREENFIELD, Minn. - After a dear friend lost her baby to miscarriage, a Minnesota woman scoured the internet for a gift to honor the child and... Continue Reading →

Dr. Lisa Talks About…Advanced Directives and Why You Should Have Them

Dr. Lisa Talks About – DEATH

Grief doesn’t leave you. It lays bare your capacity to tolerate what is terrifying

Courtesy of The Irish Times | By Laura Kennedy |Photograph by Aidan Crawley | Originally Posted 11.27.2019 | Published 12.01.2019 Four years, and still I don’t know what to do on my mother’s anniversary Each year, the anniversary comes, and... Continue Reading →

Widowed mother-of-6 shares grief advice: ‘You are not required to smile for anyone’

Courtesy of | Written by Elise Sole | Photo by : Amy Paulsen | Originally Posted 11.07.2019 | Published 11.17.2019 (Picture Above: Shannon Dingle lost her husband Lee over the summer in a "freak accident." Now she and their... Continue Reading →

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