Dying & Death Talk

Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.


Lisa Caraway Oliver, EdD

Just one individual who is trying to get more people to discuss a natural process and event that will happen to everyone: DYING and DEATH.

When my grandmother died, she didn’t know she had cancer. Was it really ‘a good lie’?

Courtesy of The Lily | By Marian Liu / The Washington Post/Marian Liu; iStock; Lily illustration) | Originally Published 08.05.2019 | Posted 08.23.2019 I don’t cry in movies, but then again, I’ve never seen my life so clearly on-screen. I... Continue Reading →


What you should say to someone who has lost their child

Courtesy of | By A. Pawlowski | Originally Published 07.08.15 | Posted 08.18.2019 What do you say to a mom or dad who has suffered the ultimate heartbreak? As a mental health professional and twice-bereaved parent, Dr. Gordon Livingston knows... Continue Reading →

How to Make Doctors Think About Death

Courtesy of the New York Times| By Theresa Brown, RN | Illustration by Cecelia Jacobs | Originally Published 04.27.2019 | Posted 08.15.2019 End-of-life treatment guidelines would help families, physicians and nurses confront the inevitable with care and compassion. My patient,... Continue Reading →

Grief in the Workplace

Courtesy of | By Kathleen Smith, PhD | Posted 08.10.2019 In most workplaces, there is nothing in the manual to address the death of a coworker. They might be like family to us, or we might have not known... Continue Reading →

The Five Stages of Grief

Courtesy of |By Christina Gregory, PhD | Posted 08.06.2019 An Examination of the Kubler-Ross Model Jump to: Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance Symptoms Treatment Grief Model Background Throughout life, we experience many instances of grief. Grief can be caused by situations, relationships,... Continue Reading →

New technology is forcing us to confront the ethics of bringing people back from the dead

Courtesy of | By Adrienne Matei | Illustration by Reuters/KacperPempel | Originally Published 01.27.2017 | Posted 08.02.2019 Imagine you have a close friend you frequently communicate with via text. One day, they suddenly die. You reel, you cry, you... Continue Reading →

Surviving the Death of My Son After the Death of My Faith

Courtesy of The New York Times | By Amber Scorah | Illustration by Isabel Seliger | Originally Published 05.31.2019 | Posted 07.30.2019 Several years after leaving my religion, I felt sure I had encountered all the situations I might possibly need... Continue Reading →

I Needed to Save My Mother’s Memories. I Hacked Her Phone.

Courtesy of The New York Times | By Leslie Berlin | Illustration by Claire Merchlinsky | Originally Published 06.10.2019 | Posted 07.27.2019 After she died, breaking into her phone was the only way to put together the pieces of her... Continue Reading →

Understanding the dying process

Courtesy of Department of Health, Government of Western Australia | Posted 07.24.2019 Information for families This information has been created to help you to answer some difficult questions that you may have about the dying process. It is important to... Continue Reading →

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