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Family Dynamics

Families Fall Apart After Matriarch Or Patriarch Dies

Courtesy of | Originally published 07.08.2019 | Posted 01.31.2020 It’s a common phenomena.  The matriarch or the patriarch of a family passes and the family unravels.  I knew a mother who died, leaving her husband and four sons behind. ... Continue Reading →

My stepmother stopped us being with Dad when he died and I’m devastated.

Courtesy of The Guardian |11.27.15 |  Annalisa Barbieri My dad died nearly two years ago, following a very short illness. He lived a long way from me and my two sisters after his second marriage, which lasted 18 years. His divorce... Continue Reading →

Why dead pets matter by Olivia Lichtenstein

The Guardian | 12.05.15 | Olivia Lichtenstein When their cat Sox got ill had to be put down, Olivia Lichtenstein and her family were not prepared for how deeply they would mourn. The house feels quiet and empty, pulsing with that deafening... Continue Reading →

We Each Have Two Lives. The Second Begins When We Realize We Have Only One by Rabbi Arthur Waskov

Courtesy of HuffPost | 10.06.2015 | Rabbi Arthur Waskov "We each have two lives. The second begins When we realize we have only one." Rabbi Margot Stein's son Aryeh died six months ago, and she unfolded her grief on Yom Kippur... Continue Reading →

The Lonely Death of George Bell by N. R. Kleinfield | Photographs by JOSH HANER

Courtesy of the New York Times | 10.17.2015 | Written by : N. R. Kleinfield  | Photographs by JOSH HANER Each year around 50,000 people die in New York, some alone and unseen. Yet death even in such forlorn form can cause a... Continue Reading →

Oliver Sacks: Sabbath by Oliver Sacks

Courtesy of the New York Times | 08.14.15 | Oliver Sacks MY mother and her 17 brothers and sisters had an Orthodox upbringing — all photographs of their father show him wearing a yarmulke, and I was told that he... Continue Reading →

The Ghost House of My Childhood by Alan Lightman

Courtesy of the New York Times | 08.22.15 | Alan Lightman THE distant earth bristles with tiny imitations of houses and roads as I slide through the air in the silver ghost, a miracle of science. Now that my second... Continue Reading →

Getting Along to Care for Mom – by Barry Jacobs

If you share caregiving responsibilities with siblings, these tips can help Courtesy of AARP | 07.29.2013 | Barry Jacobs My brother and I, normally close, have had a strained relationship for the past 18 months. The cause is sad but common:... Continue Reading →

Memories of Mom keep me company by Woody Paige

Courtesy of the Denver Post | 07.12.15 | Woody Paige Woody Paige recounts his mother's last at-bat "Follow my lead, oh, how I need someone to watch over me." — George & Ira Gershwin  Mom always has watched over me.She wasn't... Continue Reading →

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