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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.



Women endure pregnancy loss alone as hospitals bar visitors during COVID-19

Courtesy of | By Meghan Holohan | Photo by Todd Barnett Photography | Originally posted 04.07.2020 | Published 05.20.2020 If there's a bright side for pregnant women enduring loss, it's the amazing, compassionate doctors and nurses who are taking... Continue Reading →

How Hospitals Changed Their Approach to Stillbirth

Courtesy of and The Atlantic | By Sarah Zhang for The Atlantic | Illustration by Kate Martin for The Atlantic | Originally posted 02.13.2020 | Published 05.14.2020 AARHUS, Denmark—When Ane Petrea Ørnstrand’s daughter was stillborn at 37 weeks, she... Continue Reading →

Gel, wand, belly, ultrasound: the moment life as I knew it ended

Courtesy of | By Phillipa McGiunness | Photo by Katie Collins/PA | Originally Published 05.23.2018 | Posted 06.15.2018 When I saw the obstetrician’s face, hope receded. She tried to find a heartbeat but there was no heartbeat in my... Continue Reading →

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