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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.

Dr. Lisa Talks About…Shame-Based Distress


Henry Darius Caraway Today would have been my Dad's 80th birthday. He was a good man; a great Dad and Poppy.

The Catholic high school that holds funerals for homeless veterans

Courtesy of | By Michael Kotsopoulos | Originally Posted 05.26.2019 | Published 12.25.2019 I am greeted by a wooden casket hoisted on the shoulders of eight high school basketball players as I enter the lobby of Catholic Memorial School... Continue Reading →

Grieving The Loss Of A Work Identity

Courtesy of | By Jill Smolowe | Photo: Adobe Stock | Originally Posted 11.06.2019 | Published 12.22.2019 A recent conversation with a 67-year-old friend who found herself unexpectedly retired by a job elimination brought home a grief we often... Continue Reading →

Woman, 23, who texted her dead father's phone every day for four years finally gets a text back and discovers she had been sending messages to a bereaved man who lost his daughter in a car crash

Courtesy of | by Marlene Lenthang | Originally Posted 10.21.2019 | Published 12.18.2019 Arkansas woman Chastity Patterson, 23, texted her dead father's phone every day for four years to send him updates about her lifeOn Thursday she sent a... Continue Reading →

I Was Unexpectedly Widowed at 29. Then I Found Out About My Husband’s Affairs.

Courtesy of HuffPost Personal | By Robyn Woodman | Originally Posted 11.07.2019 | Published 12.14.2019 I push down the rising panic as my eyes dart nervously back and forth to the group two booths down. My boyfriend sits next to... Continue Reading →

Dr. Lisa Talks About…Grief – What it feels like

For Those in Grief, Talking to a Dead Loved One Is Good for Mental Health

Courtesy of TeenVogue | by Adryan Corcione | Originally Posted 08.30.2018 | Published 12.09.2019 And it's totally normal. Grief is hard work. Whether you’ve lost a parent, sibling, a friend, or someone else, a loved one’s death can lead to a... Continue Reading →

Dr. Lisa Talks About…Should You Go To The Funeral?

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