Dying & Death Talk

Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.

“I don’t want anyone to know I have cancer”

Courtesy of Confessions of a Funeral Director | By Caleb Wilde | Illustration by Caleb Wilde | Originally Published June, 2019 | Posted 07.20.2019 Every time I write a story, I always change names, circumstances, and any identifying factors. This... Continue Reading →


The Comfort of Hospice Massage at Life’s End

Courtesy of | By Bill Ward | Photo Credit: Can dance White | Originally Published 08.14.2018 | Posted 07.17.2019 Part of the LIVING TO THE END OF LIFE SPECIAL REPORT (Editor’s note: This story is part of a special report... Continue Reading →

MP’s speech on assisted dying: ‘the law forced my father into a lonely death’ – video

Courtesy of The Guardian | By Parliament TV | Originally Published 07.05.2019 | Posted 07.14.2019

Your stories of being there when someone died

Courtesy of ABC Life | By Kellie Scott | Illustration by ABC Life/Unsplash | Originally Published 05.22.2019 | Posted 07.11.2019 When we published a story on how to sit with someone who is dying, we asked for your experiences. Many of... Continue Reading →

Me and My Dying Parent (Patrice & Preston) | Truth or Drink

Courtesy of | Posted 07.08.2019

This Is How I Want to Be Dead

Courtesy of the | By Richard Conniff | Illustration by JooHee Yoon | Originally Published 07.07.2017 | Posted 07.04.2019 Years ago, doing some research in England on moles — the burrowing kind — I paid a visit to the... Continue Reading →

Rituals of Honor in Hospital Hallways

Courtesy of the | By Tim Lahey, M.D. | Photo by University of Vermont Medical Center| Originally Published 04.02.2019 | Posted 06.30.2019 Hospitals across the United States are holding honor walks to show respect to patients at the end... Continue Reading →

You are on vacation and a loved one at home dies. What do you do now?

Courtesy of | By Andrea Sachs | Illustration by Yifan Wu/For The Washington Post | Orignally Published 03.29.2019 | Posted 06.27.2019 Before a vacation in Malawi last summer, I shared my trip details with my family, in case of... Continue Reading →

40 TV Shows That Handled the Death of a Cast Member

Courtesy of |By Samantha Sutton | Orignally Published 03.08.2019 | Posted 06.24.2019 When it comes to our list of must-watch shows, we feel pretty connected to the main characters, especially if we can relate to them.  When someone's heart gets... Continue Reading →

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