Dying & Death Talk

Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.

Suicides among veterinarians become a growing problem

Courtesy of the Washington Post | By David Leffler | Photo by Charlotte Kesl | Originally Published 01.23.2019 | Posted 05.15.2019 Pushed to the brink by mounting debt, compassion fatigue and social media attacks from angry pet owners, veterinarians are... Continue Reading →


9 Emotional Changes We Face When A Parent Dies

Courtesy of Awareness Act | By Gerald Sinclair |Originally Posted 04.21.2019 | Posted 05.11.2019 Our parents are some of the most important people in our lives. Whether we stay in contact as much as we would like to or not,... Continue Reading →

How we saved our marriage after our daughter was stillborn

Courtesy of the Washington Post | By Kelsey Francis | Photo by iStock | Originally Published 04.29.2019 | Posted 05.04.2019 In the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, winters are long and dark. The thermometer outside my kitchen window often... Continue Reading →

A psychologist explains why losing a dog can be as painful as losing a relative

Courtesy of | By Frank T. McAndrew |Photo by Reuters/Russell Cheyne | Originally Published 03.14.2017 | Posted 05.01.2019 Recently, my wife and I went through one of the more excruciating experiences of our lives—the euthanasia of our beloved dog,... Continue Reading →

A real time example on the importance of having Advanced Directives – John Singleton (1968-2019)

by Lisa C. Oliver, EdD JOHN SINGLETON.You may have noticed that when Singleton was still alive, his mother petitioned the court for CONSERVATORSHIP - that is to be given the ability to handle all his affairs because he is incapacitated.... Continue Reading →

‘My Mom’s Death Would Be a Relief’: The Complicated Emotions of Caregiving

Courtesy of | By Melissa Williams | Originally Published 06.15.2018 | Posted 04.28.2019 All caregivers for people with dementia reach a point when prayers are not for more time, or days of clarity and recognition. At a certain point,... Continue Reading →

Death and dementia: Preparing for the end of life

Courtesy of | By Katie Corr | Illustration by| Originally Published End stage dementia care: What you need to know It can be traumatic to watch a loved one with dementia nearing the end of their life. But... Continue Reading →

This Is What It’s Like to Photograph Stillborn Babies for Grieving Families

Courtesy of | By Kathy haas, as told to Samantha Lefave | Originally Published 04.19.2017 | Posted 04.16.2019 I never thought I'd be a full-time photographer, but in 2007 I realized I had a deep passion for it. So... Continue Reading →

Coming to terms with grief starts by accepting detours

Courtesy of The Chicago | By Heidi Stevens | Image by JuniperImages / Getty Images | Originally Published 02.09.2014 | Posted 04.12.2019 Catherine Tidd was 31 when she lost her Air Force officer husband in a motorcycle accident. Their... Continue Reading →

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