Dying & Death Talk

Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.

The phone calls I made to my dead daughter

Courtesy of the | By Georgina Rannard | Photo by Alison Rundle | Originally Published 09.02.2018 | Posted 01.19.2019 Nobody knows how they will react when a loved one dies - in the immediate aftermath or in the days,... Continue Reading →


Eulogies For The Living

Courtesy of | By Molly Harris | Photo by Annie Spratt for UnSplash | Originally Published 10.31.2018 | Posted 01.16.2018 My grandpa died yesterday. It’s okay; he was old as dirt. My mother called to tell me when I was... Continue Reading →

What to Expect When a Person Is Dying

Courtesy of | By Amy Florian| Photo Credit: Adobe Stock | Originally Published 12.05.2018 | Posted 01.13.1964 A general knowledge can ease the journey for you and your loved one. Everyone will die, some sooner than others. It is... Continue Reading →

Conversations before Dying

Courtesy of | From | Originally Published 08.15.2018 | Posted 01.11.2019   Click on the link below to view video.    

Why I Don’t Say My Daughter ‘Passed Away’

Courtesy of | By Caila Smith | Image by Getty | Posted 01.09.2019 Trigger warning: child loss  In my opinion, society as a whole is far too uncomfortable with using the word dead. As if it’s disrespectful to the non-living.... Continue Reading →

Hospice Chaplain Writes About Her Talks With the Dying

Courtesy of | By Emily Gurnon | Originally Published 01.11.2017 | Posted 01.06.2019 What she heard was unexpected, the 'On Living' author says Part of the LIVING TO THE END OF LIFE SPECIAL REPORT We humans are both fascinated by... Continue Reading →

Making Your Workplace Safe for Grief

Courtesy of | By Jennifer Moss | Originally Published 06.07.2017 | Posted 01.03.201 Attempting to get her new business off the ground, Anna worked in public services by day and as a startup founder during every other minute she... Continue Reading →

How to Deal With Grief After a Loved One’s Death

Courtesy of | By Amy Florian |Originally Published 07.24.2017 | Posted 01.01.2019 This can be a devastating time, but these tips from a grief expert may help I’ll never forget that night. I was expecting my husband to arrive... Continue Reading →

Nursing Juliet

Courtesy of | By Danielle Ofri | Illustration by Yvetta Fedorova | Originally Published 10.28.2018 | Posted 11.30.2018 In a world that relentlessly enforces limits, the love of a pet is a refuge for unconstrained emotion, especially for a... Continue Reading →

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