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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.



Sacred Cat Rug

Courtesy of | Published 09.14.2019 Possibly the world's oldest rug, this Egyptian relic is woven entirely from ancient cat hair and once carried a mummified human foot.  Of all the oddities in St. Augustine, Florida, the Moorish, Alhambra Palace-inspired Villa Zorayda... Continue Reading →


Coping With the Death of Old Friends and Siblings

As we age, the losses come more frequently. We need to give them their due. Courtesy of | By Debbie Reslock | Originally Published 03.21.2017 | Posted 09.05.2019 In our family, my dad used to say we’d all be... Continue Reading →

New technology is forcing us to confront the ethics of bringing people back from the dead

Courtesy of | By Adrienne Matei | Illustration by Reuters/KacperPempel | Originally Published 01.27.2017 | Posted 08.02.2019 Imagine you have a close friend you frequently communicate with via text. One day, they suddenly die. You reel, you cry, you... Continue Reading →

I Needed to Save My Mother’s Memories. I Hacked Her Phone.

Courtesy of The New York Times | By Leslie Berlin | Illustration by Claire Merchlinsky | Originally Published 06.10.2019 | Posted 07.27.2019 After she died, breaking into her phone was the only way to put together the pieces of her... Continue Reading →

MP’s speech on assisted dying: ‘the law forced my father into a lonely death’ – video

Courtesy of The Guardian | By Parliament TV | Originally Published 07.05.2019 | Posted 07.14.2019

Rituals of Honor in Hospital Hallways

Courtesy of the | By Tim Lahey, M.D. | Photo by University of Vermont Medical Center| Originally Published 04.02.2019 | Posted 06.30.2019 Hospitals across the United States are holding honor walks to show respect to patients at the end... Continue Reading →

How ‘Death Doulas’ Can Help People at the End of Their Life

Courtesy of |By Kristen Fischer | Illustration credit: Ruth Basagoitia | Orignally Published 07.30.2018 | Posted 06.18.2019 New service is changing how we approach end-of-life care To many people, the word “doula” refers to a childbirth coach. But doulas... Continue Reading →

Recognising when someone is reaching the end of their life

Courtesy of |Posted 06.14.2019 Read about some of the signs that a person with dementia is nearing their death, and how you can support yourself as a carer, friend or relative. It is important to know when a person... Continue Reading →

Funeral workers are finally opening up about the job’s emotional toll

Courtesy of The Order of the Good Death and | Originally Published 03.13.2019 | Posted 06.04.2019 Dignified stoicism was the manner of operating in the industry, leaving many struggling personally. A group of Ottawa workers is tackling the issue.... Continue Reading →

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