Dying & Death Talk

Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.


Symptoms of Dying

Understanding the dying process

Courtesy of Department of Health, Government of Western Australia | Posted 07.24.2019 Information for families This information has been created to help you to answer some difficult questions that you may have about the dying process. It is important to... Continue Reading →


A wise guide helped us with the living before and after my father’s death

Courtesy of | By Priscilla Ennals | Photo by Robert Daly/Getty Images | Originally Published 07.21.2018 | Posted 08.28.2018 The process of dying is so removed, sterile, and disconnected from living that it is hard to know what to... Continue Reading →

Near Death, Seeing Dead People May Be Neither Rare Nor Eerie

Courtesy of The US News and World | By By Associated Press, Wire Service Content | By GARY ROTSTEIN, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Originally Published 07.08.2018 | Posted 08.20.2018 Beth Roncevich's father was in his last few days of life when laughter... Continue Reading →

Being clear about your last wishes can make death easier for you and loved ones

On the other hand, neglecting to discuss such issues can result in longer hospital stays, a greater likelihood of continuing life-sustaining treatment against a patient’s preferences, and poorer quality of life for patients and family members.

Signs of the Journey Towards Death

Courtesy of | By Angela Morrow, RN | Photo by Photodisc/DigitalVision/GettyImages Originally Published 10.16.2017 | Posted 01.13.2018 The dying process usually begins well before death actually occurs. Death is a personal journey that each individual approaches in their own... Continue Reading →

How to honour someone’s wishes, after they are gone

Courtesy of The | By Ken Gallinger | Originally Posted 05.31.2014 | Posted 11.12.2017 Ashes could be scattered in the lake at a family cottage, instead of being buried there. My dad’s body was cremated earlier this winter. Before... Continue Reading →

The Gentler Symptoms of Dying

Courtesy of the New York Times |By SARA MANNING PESKIN, M.D | 07.11.2017 | Posted 08.06.2017 The patient’s hair was styled with curls so stiff, they held her head a few inches up from her hospital pillow. She had painted... Continue Reading →

The Symptoms of Dying

Courtesy of the New York Times | By SARA MANNING PESKIN, M.D. | 06.20.2017 | Posted 08.05.2017 You and I, one day we’ll die from the same thing. We’ll call it different names: cancer, diabetes, heart failure, stroke. One organ... Continue Reading →

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