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My Husband Was A Devoted Dad, Husband And Psychologist–And We Lost Him To Suicide

Courtesy of | By Megan Minifie | Photo by Matthew Henry/Burst | Originally published 02.28.2020 | Published 05.27.2020 When my son was born in 2016, I thought that my world had changed forever. And, as anyone who is a... Continue Reading →

“I don’t want anyone to know I have cancer”

Courtesy of Confessions of a Funeral Director | By Caleb Wilde | Illustration by Caleb Wilde | Originally Published June, 2019 | Posted 07.20.2019 Every time I write a story, I always change names, circumstances, and any identifying factors. This... Continue Reading →

Coming to terms with grief starts by accepting detours

Courtesy of The Chicago | By Heidi Stevens | Image by JuniperImages / Getty Images | Originally Published 02.09.2014 | Posted 04.12.2019 Catherine Tidd was 31 when she lost her Air Force officer husband in a motorcycle accident. Their... Continue Reading →

Broken Heart Syndrome: Illness After Loss

Courtesy of | By Amy Florian | Photo Credit: Adobe Stock | Orignally Published 06.25.2018 | Posted 03.01.2019 Research shows a widow's or widower's grief can have big effects on physical health Much ink has been spilled about George... Continue Reading →

My partner died by suicide. He doesn’t know the damage he left behind.

Courtesy of USA Today | By Joanne Sosangelis | Photo: Family Handout| Originally Published 12.17.2018 | Posted 02.21.2019 We focus so much on the person who is gone that we don’t realize the pain in the lives of the friends,... Continue Reading →

Letting Go of Someone Who Is Dying

Courtesy of | By Amy Ferris | Photo Credit: Adode Stock | Originally Posted: 07.24.2018 | Posted: 01.23.2019 As our friends and family pass away, how to make peace with tough moments My best friend’s husband is very ill.... Continue Reading →

5 Pieces Of Bad Financial Advice Widows Hear A Lot

Courtesy of | By Ann Benoff | Photo by ANDREW BRET WALLIS VIA GETTY IMAGES | Originally Published 05.08.2018 | Posted 08.25.2018 Friends may be well-meaning, but still wrong. Well-meaning friends and relatives are quick to offer advice to... Continue Reading →

How Grief Affects Health

Courtesy of | Dr. Kevin Campbell | Many spouses become ill after the death of a long-time partner. BARBARA BUSH RECENTLY passed away after a 73-year marriage to President George H.W. Bush. The couple were devoted to each other... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Loss, One Newspaper Delivery At A Time

Courtesy of /The Cognpscenti |By Brenda McDonald | Originally Published 03.01.2016 |Posted 03.19.2018 About six months after the death of my husband, Tom, I awoke to the sound of a thud outside my front door. Afraid, I forced myself... Continue Reading →

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