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Palliative Care

A Good Life And A Good Death: What Is Palliative Care?

Courtesy of | By Carmel Wroth | Photo by Sturti/Getty Images | Originally Published 04.25.2019 | Posted 05.23.2019 "He will not die on your watch." That's what the family of a patient told Sunita Puri when she was a... Continue Reading →

The Choices We Make for Others at the End of Life

Courtesy of | By Sallie Tisdale | Photo by Photo by Maskot/Getty Images | Originally Published 01.29.2019 | Posted 03.23.2019 | A palliative care nurse explains what to expect in the last days and hours. In Advice for Future Corpses,... Continue Reading →

What It’s Like to Learn You’re Going to Die

Courtesy of The Atlantic | By Jennie Dear | Photo by THOMAS NORTHCUT / GETTY | Originally Published 11.07.2017 | Posted 03.08.2019 Palliative-care doctors explain the “existential slap” that many people face at the end. Nessa Coyle calls it “the... Continue Reading →

My Father’s Everyday Heirlooms

Courtesy of | By Isobella Jade | Photo by Ilana Panich-Linsman for The New York Times | Originally Published 06.21.2018 | Posted 07.14.2018 His house was destroyed in a fire, and all I have left are the ordinary items... Continue Reading →

The Need to Remember That Death Is a Human and Personal Event, and Not Just a Medical One

Courtesy of On Being By Krista Tippett | By Krista Tippett | Originally Published 04.29.2012 | Posted 12.20.2017   It’s difficult to believe these days, when so many of us have had some experience of moving toward death... Continue Reading →

Palliative Chemo Can Make It More Likely You’ll Die In The ICU

Courtesy of | By Nancy Shute | Photo by Gerry Broome/AP | Originally Published 03.04.2014 | Posted 12.11.2017 Cancer patients who get chemotherapy in the last months of their lives are more likely to die in the intensive care... Continue Reading →

How to talk about death before it’s too late

Courtesy of | By Holly Shive - Texas A&M |Originally Posted 07.15.2015 | Published 11.25.2017 Physicians are trained to cure, so conversations about a patient’s final days can be difficult. But they’re vital. Twenty-eight percent of Medicare dollars—about $170... Continue Reading →

It’s not all about death: conversations with patients in palliative care

Courtesy of | Originally Posted 11.02.2017 | Published 11.23.2017 This article is part of our series on demystifying palliative care, where experts explain the process of end-of-life care in Australia. When I introduce myself to a patient as a palliative... Continue Reading →

Five common myths about palliative care and what the science really says

Courtesy of The Conversation | By Anna Collins | Originally Posted 11.01.2017 | Published 11.08.2017 Many people hold narrow, often inaccurate and outdated views of what palliative care is. We may have heard it said, and in that curiously familiar... Continue Reading →

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