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Memorialize the Dead

Making Your Workplace Safe for Grief

Courtesy of | By Jennifer Moss | Originally Published 06.07.2017 | Posted 01.03.201 Attempting to get her new business off the ground, Anna worked in public services by day and as a startup founder during every other minute she... Continue Reading →

Emory student helps bury the dead no one else mourns

Courtesy of | By Maureen Downey | Originally Published 05.02.2018 | Posted 06.07.2018 Growing up in Boston, Sam Gardner went to the Roxbury Latin School, where he internalized its philosophy “from whom much has been given, much is expected.” Now... Continue Reading →

Family honors grandma’s memory by displaying all of her quilts at her funeral

Courtesy of | By Brittany Loggins | Originally Published 02.27.2017 | Posted 03.16.2018 Margaret Hubl passed away last July in Nebraska at the age of 89, but it’s safe to say her legacy will continue to live on. You... Continue Reading →

The final act of love: reclaiming the rites of modern death

Courtesy of | By Bonnie Malkin | Photo by Rubberball Productions/Getty Images | Originally Published 12.26.2017 | Posted 12.29.2017 The stops on the conveyor belt of modern death can be comforting in their familiarity. Most people know the drill:... Continue Reading →

The Growing Movement to Memorialize Queerness After Death

Courtesy of | By Simon Davis | Originally Posted 07.05.2017 | Published 11.16.2017 LGBTQ representation is increasing in both cemeteries and obituaries. On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that states were not allowed to ban same-sex... Continue Reading →

With Shiny Pink And Camo, Casket Designer Honors Texas Shooting Victims

Courtesy of NPR | By Nathan Rott | Originally Posted 11.10.2017 | Published 11.13. 2017 In the middle of the showroom at Trey Ganem Designs is a small casket on a rolling cart. It's not yet fully assembled, but it is painted... Continue Reading →

What to say to someone who’s grieving: Ellie

Courtesy of The | By Ellie | Originally Posted 05.31.2014 | Published 11.11.2017 Say whatever conveys the level of friendship you have with the living or whatever expresses the respect you had for the departed. In Bali, the owner... Continue Reading →

A Woman Uses Art To Come To Terms With Her Father’s Death

Courtesy of | By Meredith Rizzo|Originally Posted 05.04.2015 | Published 10.02.2017 A month after her father died of sepsis, Jennifer Rodgers began creating maps. She took a large piece of paper, splattered it with black paint and then tore... Continue Reading →

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to … Interactive Biodegradable Funerary Urns?

Courtesy of | By GLENN MCDONALD | Posted 08.13.2017 | Published 09.25.2017 Earlier this summer, a modest little startup in Barcelona, Spain, unveiled its newest product — a biodegradable, Internet-connected funeral urn that turns the ashes of departed loved... Continue Reading →

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