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Loss of a Child

‘I Love You Still’: Woman creates baby memory book to comfort mothers after miscarriage

Courtesy of | By Kelly Taylor Hayes | Originally Posted 10.25.2019 | Published 12.05.2019 GREENFIELD, Minn. - After a dear friend lost her baby to miscarriage, a Minnesota woman scoured the internet for a gift to honor the child and... Continue Reading →

What you should say to someone who has lost their child

Courtesy of | By A. Pawlowski | Originally Published 07.08.15 | Posted 08.18.2019 What do you say to a mom or dad who has suffered the ultimate heartbreak? As a mental health professional and twice-bereaved parent, Dr. Gordon Livingston knows... Continue Reading →

Surviving the Death of My Son After the Death of My Faith

Courtesy of The New York Times | By Amber Scorah | Illustration by Isabel Seliger | Originally Published 05.31.2019 | Posted 07.30.2019 Several years after leaving my religion, I felt sure I had encountered all the situations I might possibly need... Continue Reading →

How we saved our marriage after our daughter was stillborn

Courtesy of the Washington Post | By Kelsey Francis | Photo by iStock | Originally Published 04.29.2019 | Posted 05.04.2019 In the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, winters are long and dark. The thermometer outside my kitchen window often... Continue Reading →

How a nontraditional funeral helped this mom process her daughter’s tragic death.

Courtesy of | By Evan Porter | Originally Published 10.16.2016 | Posted 02.25.2019 Lucia Maya remembers getting a phone call from her 21-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. She was in agony. A creative writing student at the University of Arizona, Elizabeth... Continue Reading →

The phone calls I made to my dead daughter

Courtesy of the | By Georgina Rannard | Photo by Alison Rundle | Originally Published 09.02.2018 | Posted 01.19.2019 Nobody knows how they will react when a loved one dies - in the immediate aftermath or in the days,... Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Say My Daughter ‘Passed Away’

Courtesy of | By Caila Smith | Image by Getty | Posted 01.09.2019 Trigger warning: child loss  In my opinion, society as a whole is far too uncomfortable with using the word dead. As if it’s disrespectful to the non-living.... Continue Reading →

‘It’s not your fault.’ The extraordinary pain of an ordinary miscarriage.

The Washington| By Maggie O'Farrell | Originally Published 03.07.2018 | Posted 03.11.2018 This is another topic that I need to address more:  miscarriage. April 22 will mark 20 years since the worst day of my life.  I always prepared myself with... Continue Reading →

A Child’s Death Brings ‘Trauma That Doesn’t Go Away’

Courtesy The New | By Paula Span | Originally Published 09.29.2017 | Posted 02.02.2018 Anne McBrearty Giotta doesn’t remember much of what happened on that August morning in 2013. One moment she was cursing her older son, Michael, who... Continue Reading →

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