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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.


Life after Death

I Was Unexpectedly Widowed at 29. Then I Found Out About My Husband’s Affairs.

Courtesy of HuffPost Personal | By Robyn Woodman | Originally Posted 11.07.2019 | Published 12.14.2019 I push down the rising panic as my eyes dart nervously back and forth to the group two booths down. My boyfriend sits next to... Continue Reading →

Nora McInermy: We don’t “move on” from grief, we move forward with it.

Courtesy of | By Nora McInermy |November 2018 | Posted 09.29.2019 In a talk that's by turns heartbreaking and hilarious, writer and podcaster Nora McInerny shares her hard-earned wisdom about life and death. Her candid approach to something that... Continue Reading →

New technology is forcing us to confront the ethics of bringing people back from the dead

Courtesy of | By Adrienne Matei | Illustration by Reuters/KacperPempel | Originally Published 01.27.2017 | Posted 08.02.2019 Imagine you have a close friend you frequently communicate with via text. One day, they suddenly die. You reel, you cry, you... Continue Reading →

What happens the moment after you die, according to a hospice doctor

Courtesy of The | By Rachel Hosie | Originally Published 05.01.2017 | Posted 07.20.2018 It's a "sacred and gorgeous moment," he says It’s something we’ve all wondered: what happens to you after you die? Of course, no one can... Continue Reading →

Building Resilience in Kids After Loss

Courtesy of | By Michelle Steinke-Bumgartner | Photo by Erin McFarland Photography | Originally Published 08.28.2017 | Posted 02.05.2018 The single hardest thing for me to accept on that fateful night after being told of his plane crash, where... Continue Reading →

When Grief Won’t Relent

Courtesy of The New York | By Jane E. Brody | Illustration by Anita Kunz | Originally Published 02.16.2015 | Posted 01.25.2018 Bereavement — how one responds and adjusts to the death of a loved one — is a... Continue Reading →

5 Things You Need to Know About Death

Courtesy of National Geographic Explorer    

What You Should Know About Grief, Summed Up In One Illustration

Courtesy of The Huffington Post | By Lindsay Holmes | Originally Published 08.22.2017 | Posted 12.24.2017 Grief affects everyone differently. But artist Maureen “Marzi” Wilson wants anyone dealing with loss to know that they’re not alone. “I am sensitive to the... Continue Reading →

I’m Still Paying For My Dead Husband’s Cell Phone Because I Don’t Know His Childhood Friend’s Name

Courtesy of HuffPost|By Ann Brenoff | Originally Posted 03.14.2017 | Published 10.07.2017 Make a record of your passwords, folks. Until I became widowed two months ago, I thought death was a finality. After it happened, I would have the time... Continue Reading →

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