Dying & Death Talk

Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.



The Myth of Closure

Courtesy of | By Pauline Boss | Image by Kena Betancur/Getty Images | Originally Aired 06.23.2016 | Posted: 01.29.2019 There is no such thing as closure. Family therapist Pauline Boss says that the idea of closure in fact leads... Continue Reading →


The phone calls I made to my dead daughter

Courtesy of the | By Georgina Rannard | Photo by Alison Rundle | Originally Published 09.02.2018 | Posted 01.19.2019 Nobody knows how they will react when a loved one dies - in the immediate aftermath or in the days,... Continue Reading →

Eulogies For The Living

Courtesy of | By Molly Harris | Photo by Annie Spratt for UnSplash | Originally Published 10.31.2018 | Posted 01.16.2018 My grandpa died yesterday. It’s okay; he was old as dirt. My mother called to tell me when I was... Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Say My Daughter ‘Passed Away’

Courtesy of | By Caila Smith | Image by Getty | Posted 01.09.2019 Trigger warning: child loss  In my opinion, society as a whole is far too uncomfortable with using the word dead. As if it’s disrespectful to the non-living.... Continue Reading →

Making Your Workplace Safe for Grief

Courtesy of | By Jennifer Moss | Originally Published 06.07.2017 | Posted 01.03.201 Attempting to get her new business off the ground, Anna worked in public services by day and as a startup founder during every other minute she... Continue Reading →

How to Deal With Grief After a Loved One’s Death

Courtesy of | By Amy Florian |Originally Published 07.24.2017 | Posted 01.01.2019 This can be a devastating time, but these tips from a grief expert may help I’ll never forget that night. I was expecting my husband to arrive... Continue Reading →

How to Cope with Anticipatory Grief and Ambiguous Loss

Courtesy of | By Cynthia Orange | Photo Credit: Adobe Stock | Originally Published 09.14.2017 | Posted 11.27.2018 The longer we live and the more we experience, the more we find ourselves in the cracks between joy and contentment... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Is Another Stage of Grief

Courtesy of | By Claire Bidwell Smith | Photo credit: Adobe Stock | Originally Published 10.18.2018 | Posted 11.23.2018 A new book explains why so many grieving people also experience anxiety (This article is excerpted from Anxiety: The Missing Stage... Continue Reading →

The Quiet Blessing of Grief That Never Ends

Courtesy of | By Jill Smolowe | Originally Published 04.27.2016 | Posted 11.14.2018 This writer finds beauty in the pain she feels over the loss of her sister. In the almost seven years since I laid my husband to... Continue Reading →

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