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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.


Funeral Etiquette

Dr. Lisa Talks About…Should You Go To The Funeral?

Grandma’s traditional Jamaican wake brought me closer to the Windrush generation

Courtesy of | By Guilia Rhodes | Originally Published 05.05.2018 | Posted 06.20.2018 The ‘nine night’ ritual of gathering to eat, drink and swap stories helped Natasha Gordon connect with her family’s past – and inspired her first play.... Continue Reading →

Words of Condolence

Courtesy of | By Debby Mayne | Originally published 10.04.2017 | Posted 12.28.2017 Have you ever wondered what to say to a friend who has just lost a loved one? It's not easy to find words of comfort for their loss,... Continue Reading →

What to say to someone who’s grieving: Ellie

Courtesy of The | By Ellie | Originally Posted 05.31.2014 | Published 11.11.2017 Say whatever conveys the level of friendship you have with the living or whatever expresses the respect you had for the departed. In Bali, the owner... Continue Reading →

What is a state funeral?

Courtesy of |By J.C. | Originally Posted 04.10.2013 | Published 10.01.2017 How does a state funeral differ from a ceremonial funeral? THE death of Margaret Thatcher on April 8th brought an announcement about a detail of protocol that had (rather morbidly)... Continue Reading →

Funeral etiquette: How rituals differ by faith

Courtesy of | By Isabel Teotonio| Originally Posted 05.26.2014 | Published 09.30.2017 Going to a funeral for someone of an unfamiliar religion? Here's what you need to know. Jewish funerals traditionally take place within 24 hours of death. After... Continue Reading →

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