Dying & Death Talk

Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.


Death and Dying

Death and dementia: Preparing for the end of life

Courtesy of | By Katie Corr | Illustration by| Originally Published End stage dementia care: What you need to know It can be traumatic to watch a loved one with dementia nearing the end of their life. But... Continue Reading →


Coming to terms with grief starts by accepting detours

Courtesy of The Chicago | By Heidi Stevens | Image by JuniperImages / Getty Images | Originally Published 02.09.2014 | Posted 04.12.2019 Catherine Tidd was 31 when she lost her Air Force officer husband in a motorcycle accident. Their... Continue Reading →

How to cope with death the first time you lose someone close

Courtesy of The Chicago Tribune | By Richard Asa | Image by Getty/Stockphoto | Originally Published 02.11.2016 | Posted 04.09.2019 When you're young, the distinct pain of grief may be felt with the loss of a beloved pet. Sometimes years... Continue Reading →

There Are No Five Stages of Grief

Courtesy of The New York | By Andy Kopsa | Illustration by Fien Jorissen | Originally Published 02.28.2019 | Posted 04.06.2019 I got a text message from my father. My first thought: impossible — that old man doesn’t know how to... Continue Reading →

My Birth Mother’s Death Made Me Realize My Love For Her

Courtesy of XO | By Brenda Alexander | Originally Published 12.09.2018 | Posted 04.22.2019 I can remember, as early as four years old, sitting in between my mom's legs on the living room floor while she plaited my hair... Continue Reading →

Who You See Before You Die: Hospice Documenting Patients’ Mysterious Dream Experiences

Courtesy of | By David Highfield | Originally Published 02.25.2019 | Posted 04.04.2019 PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Death is one of the mysteries of life. But the dreams of patients at Hospice Buffalo in New York State are revealing something... Continue Reading →

Barbara Hammer’s Exit Interview

Courtesy of | By Masha Gessen | Photo by Elinor Carucci for The New Yorker | Originally Published 02.24.2019 | Posted 04.01.2019 The pioneering filmmaker talks about her career, her quest to die with dignity, and why being a... Continue Reading →

Seven Keys to a Good Death

Courtesy of | By Charles Garfield | Photo Credit: Lighthaunter/Thinkstock | Originally Published 08.24.2015 | Posted 03.29.2019 Some years ago, I helped tend to a friend of mine who was dying of cancer. Near the end of his life,... Continue Reading →

Couple Married for 66 Years Chose to Die on the Same Day by Legal Suicide

By Men' | By Eileen Reslen| Photo by Sher Safran | Orignally Published 03.12.2018 | Posted 03.26.2019 Their deaths are protected under the Death With Dignity law. After 66 years of marriage, Charlie, 87, and Francie, 88, Emerick of Portland,... Continue Reading →

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