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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.


Death and Dying

Three Magical Phrases to Comfort a Dying Person

Courtesy of | By Jenny Harrington | Photo: gorodenkoff/Getty Images and Jenny Harrington | Originally Posted 03.09.2019 | Published 01.21.2020 At 3 p.m. on a Monday afternoon, death announced it was coming for him. He was only eight years... Continue Reading →

Would you join a grief club? From supper parties to podcasts, a new generation is changing the way we deal with loss.

Courtesy of the | By Emma Winterschladen | Originally posted 12.21.2020 | Published 01.17.2020 When you suffer a loss, there is the before and the after. There is a line you cross, a door you walk through, never to... Continue Reading →

Nurse's gut-wrenching post on dying patient goes viral: 'I kept telling you how sorry I was'

Courtesy of | by Justin Chan |Originally Posted 12.27.2019 | Posted 01.13.2020 An Indiana nurse wrote a Facebook post that has since gone viral for the raw emotions she conveyed.  On Dec. 5, Sandra Maria Kluskowski, a nurse at Memorial Hospital... Continue Reading →

My 92-Year-Old Father Didn’t Need More Medical Care

Courtesy of | By Ezekiel Emanuel | Photo by YASSER CHALID / GETTY | Originally published 01.02.2020 | Posted 01.09.2020 Ordering up more tests and surgeries for dying patients is easy. Getting patients the end-of-life care they deserve takes... Continue Reading →

The Shock And Grief Of Losing My Father Was Something I Couldn't Have Prepared For

Courtesy of | By Clyde McGrady | Originally published 11.02.2016 | Posted 01.06.2020 What is the right way to grieve? Life changes fast. Life changes in the instant. You sit down to dinner and life as you know it... Continue Reading →

Dog Attends Mass Every Day Where His Owner’s Funeral Was, Hoping She’ll Return

Courtesy of Blog | By Timothy Roberts | Photo by The Daily Mail | Published 12.31.2019 Seeing a dog going to church is not something that comes up on the radar every day. In the small town of San... Continue Reading →

9 Things You Should Never Say to Someone Grieving—And What to Say Instead

Courtesy of | By Liz Steelman | Photo: Getty Images | Orignally Posted 07.25.2019 | Published 12.29.2019 When someone dies, the first steps are usually pretty clear: you fill the family's refrigerator with meals, go to the funeral or attend... Continue Reading →

The Catholic high school that holds funerals for homeless veterans

Courtesy of | By Michael Kotsopoulos | Originally Posted 05.26.2019 | Published 12.25.2019 I am greeted by a wooden casket hoisted on the shoulders of eight high school basketball players as I enter the lobby of Catholic Memorial School... Continue Reading →

Grieving The Loss Of A Work Identity

Courtesy of | By Jill Smolowe | Photo: Adobe Stock | Originally Posted 11.06.2019 | Published 12.22.2019 A recent conversation with a 67-year-old friend who found herself unexpectedly retired by a job elimination brought home a grief we often... Continue Reading →

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