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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.


Death and Dying

How Our Family Spent The Last Month Of My Wife’s Life

Courtesy of | By Sherry Kean | Photo by Sherry Kean | Posted 02.15.2019 I fell in love with her in my mid 30’s….the kind of love that takes your breath away and scares you with the intensity of... Continue Reading →


Using humor to aid the dying

Courtesy of Chicago Tribune  | By Bruce Horovitz | Originally Published 02.14.2017 | Posted 02.12.2019 Just weeks before Christmas some years ago, Shirley Rapp and her family faced the devastating news that she had what appeared to be a terminal illness.... Continue Reading →

Chaos at the Crematorium — The Musings of a Crematorium Worker

Most of our days are quite sombre affairs, cremating and chapel attending funeral services. Every now and again the mechanical side of what we do fails us, and it makes our day much more interesting. If you have a cremator... Continue Reading →

The Myth of Closure

Courtesy of | By Pauline Boss | Image by Kena Betancur/Getty Images | Originally Aired 06.23.2016 | Posted: 01.29.2019 There is no such thing as closure. Family therapist Pauline Boss says that the idea of closure in fact leads... Continue Reading →

Have your funeral before you die

Courtesy of | By Mary Elizabeth Williams | Photo by Shuttstock | Originally Published: 01.28.2018 | Posted: 01.26.2019 My friend didn't wait till she passed to have a great memorial. More of us should be scheduling our own wakes... Continue Reading →

Letting Go of Someone Who Is Dying

Courtesy of | By Amy Ferris | Photo Credit: Adode Stock | Originally Posted: 07.24.2018 | Posted: 01.23.2019 As our friends and family pass away, how to make peace with tough moments My best friend’s husband is very ill.... Continue Reading →

The phone calls I made to my dead daughter

Courtesy of the | By Georgina Rannard | Photo by Alison Rundle | Originally Published 09.02.2018 | Posted 01.19.2019 Nobody knows how they will react when a loved one dies - in the immediate aftermath or in the days,... Continue Reading →

What to Expect When a Person Is Dying

Courtesy of | By Amy Florian| Photo Credit: Adobe Stock | Originally Published 12.05.2018 | Posted 01.13.1964 A general knowledge can ease the journey for you and your loved one. Everyone will die, some sooner than others. It is... Continue Reading →

Conversations before Dying

Courtesy of | From | Originally Published 08.15.2018 | Posted 01.11.2019   Click on the link below to view video.    

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