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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.



Funeral workers are finally opening up about the job’s emotional toll

Courtesy of The Order of the Good Death and | Originally Published 03.13.2019 | Posted 06.04.2019 Dignified stoicism was the manner of operating in the industry, leaving many struggling personally. A group of Ottawa workers is tackling the issue.... Continue Reading →


Japan’s lonely deaths: A growing industry is now devoted to cleaning up after Japanese people dying alone

Courtesy of The Independent | By Anna Fifield| Photos By Shiho Fukada/Washington Post | Originally Published 01.30.2018 | Posted 05.29.2019 As family dynamics change in the country, more people are living by themselves. Anna Fifield reports on the grim fallout There is... Continue Reading →

What Good Is Thinking About Death?

“We are different from other animals in that we are uniquely aware of our own mortality,” says Ken Vail, an assistant professor of psychology at Cleveland State University.

We fear death, but what if dying isn’t as bad as we think?

“The less something is openly discussed, the scarier it becomes. While avoiding talking about death can reduce a little discomfort in the short term, it probably makes most of us much more anxious to die in the long term.”

Sad Desk Lunch: Is This How You Want to Die?

Courtesy of The | By James Hamblin, MD, Katherine Wells | Published 04.18.2014 | Posted 09.21.2018

What It’s Like to Learn You’re Going to Die

Courtesy of | By Jennie Dear |Photo by Thomas Northcutt/Getty | Originally Published 11.02.2017 | Posted 08.03.2018 Nessa Coyle calls it “the existential slap”—that moment when a dying person first comprehends, on a gut level, that death is close.... Continue Reading →

Isn’t it time we grow up and stop saying we “pass away”? We die, end of story?

Courtesy of The | By Kevin McKenna | Originally Published 06.03.2018 | Posted 07.11.2018 The Co-Op’s new cremation service should making us focus on the truth of dying I fear that death has lately become something of an inconvenience... Continue Reading →

Being clear about your last wishes can make death easier for you and loved ones

On the other hand, neglecting to discuss such issues can result in longer hospital stays, a greater likelihood of continuing life-sustaining treatment against a patient’s preferences, and poorer quality of life for patients and family members.

Funeral director answering a calling to care for others

Courtesy of | By Nancy J. White | Originally Published 05.30.2014 | Posted 06.27.2018 A funeral director for 30 years, Glen Burkholder knows the drill: Connect emotionally with a grieving family without losing balance. But even this veteran of... Continue Reading →

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