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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.



Women endure pregnancy loss alone as hospitals bar visitors during COVID-19

Courtesy of | By Meghan Holohan | Photo by Todd Barnett Photography | Originally posted 04.07.2020 | Published 05.20.2020 If there's a bright side for pregnant women enduring loss, it's the amazing, compassionate doctors and nurses who are taking... Continue Reading →

How Hospitals Changed Their Approach to Stillbirth

Courtesy of and The Atlantic | By Sarah Zhang for The Atlantic | Illustration by Kate Martin for The Atlantic | Originally posted 02.13.2020 | Published 05.14.2020 AARHUS, Denmark—When Ane Petrea Ørnstrand’s daughter was stillborn at 37 weeks, she... Continue Reading →

My Adult Son’s Death Has Changed My Life

Courtesy of Open to Hope | Written by Basia Monsinki | Originally Published 03.17.2016 | Posted 05.11.2020 When someone we love dies…we are changed. When that someone is our child…we are changed forever, deeply, no matter how old they were.... Continue Reading →

Death Shock: How to Recover When a Loved One Dies Suddenly

Courtesy of Psychology | By Sean Grover L.C.S.W. | Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash | Originally Posted 03.02.2020 | Posted 03.31.2020 5 stages of grief and 5 ways to recover. It changes you forever. The news arrives, and... Continue Reading →

How Hospitals Changed Their Approach to Stillbirth Grieving patients are encouraged to see and hold their stillborn infants—and in some cases even bring them home.

Courtesy of | By Sarah Zhang | Illustration by Katie Martin/The Atlantic | Originally Published 02.12.2020 | Posted 03.14.2020 AARHUS, Denmark—When Ane Petrea Ørnstrand’s daughter was stillborn at 37 weeks, she and her husband spent five days in the... Continue Reading →

My Husband And I Both Have PTSD After The Death Of Our Child — But It Manifests In Very Different Ways

Courtesy of Scary | By Anonymous| Photo by nappy/Pexels | Originally Published 02.07.2020 | Posted 03.05.2020 Trigger warning: vivid descriptions of child loss/PTSD My husband went to the doctor a couple of years ago, and when he came home,... Continue Reading →

Three Magical Phrases to Comfort a Dying Person

Courtesy of | By Jenny Harrington | Photo: gorodenkoff/Getty Images and Jenny Harrington | Originally Posted 03.09.2019 | Published 01.21.2020 At 3 p.m. on a Monday afternoon, death announced it was coming for him. He was only eight years... Continue Reading →

‘I Love You Still’: Woman creates baby memory book to comfort mothers after miscarriage

Courtesy of | By Kelly Taylor Hayes | Originally Posted 10.25.2019 | Published 12.05.2019 GREENFIELD, Minn. - After a dear friend lost her baby to miscarriage, a Minnesota woman scoured the internet for a gift to honor the child and... Continue Reading →

What you should say to someone who has lost their child

Courtesy of | By A. Pawlowski | Originally Published 07.08.15 | Posted 08.18.2019 What do you say to a mom or dad who has suffered the ultimate heartbreak? As a mental health professional and twice-bereaved parent, Dr. Gordon Livingston knows... Continue Reading →

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