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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.


Caring for a parent

You are on vacation and a loved one at home dies. What do you do now?

Courtesy of | By Andrea Sachs | Illustration by Yifan Wu/For The Washington Post | Orignally Published 03.29.2019 | Posted 06.27.2019 Before a vacation in Malawi last summer, I shared my trip details with my family, in case of... Continue Reading →


Is it time you had ‘the talk’ with your aging parents?

Courtesy of AJC.Com | By Gracie Bonds Staples | Originally Published 02.05.2019 | Posted 02.18.2019 Another year was coming to an end. Betty Tarr’s husband had died, and she wasn’t the woman she liked remembering. That woman raised three independent... Continue Reading →

A Handbook for Grieving

Courtesy of | By Caroline M. Grant | Image by Yvetta Fedorova | Originally Published 10.12.2018 | Posted 11.20.2018 Go funeral dress shopping. When the saleswoman asks about the event, say: “Dressier than office, but not as fun as... Continue Reading →

When the Hospice Care System Fails

Courtesy of | By Daniela J. Lamas, M.D. | Photo by Ryan McVay | Originally Published 10.17.2018 | Posted 11.17.2018 Let me start with an apology. When I saw that your 90-year-old father was in our emergency department, after... Continue Reading →

A Dress Rehearsal for the End of Life

Courtesy of | By Monona Yin | Photo by Loris Guzzetta | Orignally Published 10.23.2018 | Posted 11.11.2018 We had started down the path of honoring our mother’s wish to have a good death until a hospice nurse figured... Continue Reading →

A wise guide helped us with the living before and after my father’s death

Courtesy of | By Priscilla Ennals | Photo by Robert Daly/Getty Images | Originally Published 07.21.2018 | Posted 08.28.2018 The process of dying is so removed, sterile, and disconnected from living that it is hard to know what to... Continue Reading →

My Father’s Everyday Heirlooms

Courtesy of | By Isobella Jade | Photo by Ilana Panich-Linsman for The New York Times | Originally Published 06.21.2018 | Posted 07.14.2018 His house was destroyed in a fire, and all I have left are the ordinary items... Continue Reading →

My mother told me it would take 5 years to ‘get over’ her death. Here’s where I’m at a decade later.

Courtesy of | By Sarah Dunton | Originally Published 04.12.2018 | Posted 05.02.2018 PERSPECTIVE | Suggestions for living without your mother Sarah Dunton April 12 The cruel irony of losing your mother is that right after her death is when... Continue Reading →

My Father, Body and Soul

Courtesy of | By Josh Max | Illustration by Carson Ellis | Originally Published 06.14.2014 | Posted 04.11.2018 IT’S been eight years since I last saw my father, lying in his reclining chair in his living room, as perfectly... Continue Reading →

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