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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.



Nurse's gut-wrenching post on dying patient goes viral: 'I kept telling you how sorry I was'

Courtesy of | by Justin Chan |Originally Posted 12.27.2019 | Posted 01.13.2020 An Indiana nurse wrote a Facebook post that has since gone viral for the raw emotions she conveyed.  On Dec. 5, Sandra Maria Kluskowski, a nurse at Memorial Hospital... Continue Reading →

My 92-Year-Old Father Didn’t Need More Medical Care

Courtesy of | By Ezekiel Emanuel | Photo by YASSER CHALID / GETTY | Originally published 01.02.2020 | Posted 01.09.2020 Ordering up more tests and surgeries for dying patients is easy. Getting patients the end-of-life care they deserve takes... Continue Reading →

When my grandmother died, she didn’t know she had cancer. Was it really ‘a good lie’?

Courtesy of The Lily | By Marian Liu / The Washington Post/Marian Liu; iStock; Lily illustration) | Originally Published 08.05.2019 | Posted 08.23.2019 I don’t cry in movies, but then again, I’ve never seen my life so clearly on-screen. I... Continue Reading →

Barbara Hammer’s Exit Interview

Courtesy of | By Masha Gessen | Photo by Elinor Carucci for The New Yorker | Originally Published 02.24.2019 | Posted 04.01.2019 The pioneering filmmaker talks about her career, her quest to die with dignity, and why being a... Continue Reading →

When the Hospice Care System Fails

Courtesy of | By Daniela J. Lamas, M.D. | Photo by Ryan McVay | Originally Published 10.17.2018 | Posted 11.17.2018 Let me start with an apology. When I saw that your 90-year-old father was in our emergency department, after... Continue Reading →

A wise guide helped us with the living before and after my father’s death

Courtesy of | By Priscilla Ennals | Photo by Robert Daly/Getty Images | Originally Published 07.21.2018 | Posted 08.28.2018 The process of dying is so removed, sterile, and disconnected from living that it is hard to know what to... Continue Reading →

I Know You Love Me — Now Let Me Die

Courtesy of | By Louis M. Profeta, MD | Photo Credit: Adobe Stock | Originally Published 03.15.2017 | Posted 03.24.2018 (This piece appeared previously on Dr. Louis Profeta’s LinkedIn page.) In the old days, she would be propped up on... Continue Reading →

Learning to live without my mother

Courtesy of| By Neda Semnami | Originally Published 05.11.2013 | Posted 03.23.2018 It had been a long winter of epic storms. Spring was coming. It was that sweet time in D.C. when the trees erupt in an annual pink-blossomed... Continue Reading →

More people are adopting old, sick dogs to keep them from dying alone and afraid

Courtesy of the Charlotte Observer | By Karin Brulliard/Washington Post | Photo By Steve Forst | Originally Published 03.05.2018 | Posted 03.14.2018 When a German Shepherd rescue organization posted Elmo’s photo online last fall, it made no effort to mask... Continue Reading →

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