Have your funeral before you die

Courtesy of Salon.com | By Mary Elizabeth Williams | Photo by Shuttstock | Originally Published: 01.28.2018 | Posted: 01.26.2019 My … More

What to Say When You Meet the Angel of Death at a Party

We all harbor the knowledge, however covertly, that we’re going to die, but when it comes to small talk, I am the angel of death. I have seen people try to swallow their own tongue after uttering the simple words “How are you?” I watch loved ones devolve into stammering good wishes and then devastating looks of pity. I can see how easily a well-meaning but ill-placed suggestion makes them want to throw themselves into oncoming traffic.

When the Doctor’s Mother Has Cancer

It left me wondering how commonly cancer patients are treated inappropriately because they don’t have that same access, based on tests that aren’t always accurate.

Facing the final stage of life

Courtesy of Cancer.org | Posted 12.05.2017 Some people have cancer that no longer responds to treatment and must face the fact that … More