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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.



Mourning in America: On the memorial service that wasn't, for Rebecca Chase Williams

Courtesy of the | Written by Jim Galloway | Originally Published 03.21.2020 | Posted 03.21.2020 Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Rebecca Chase Williams, a cherished wife and mother, former TV journalist, and former... Continue Reading →

Beauty in grief: Durham woman creates 100 days of art from her mother’s funeral flowers

Courtesy of | By Heather Leah, WRAL digital journalist | Originally Posted 02.08.2020 | Published 03.09.2020 DURHAM, N.C. — When Janet Willis' mom passed away from small cell lung cancer in her 70s, Willis said she felt like she... Continue Reading →

Doctors Need To Talk About Death Instead Of Trying To Keep Patients Alive At Any Cost

Courtesy of | By Kate McLean | Photo by David Pereiras / EYEEM via Getty Images | Originally Posted 01.24.2020 | Published 02. 27. 2020 “The elephant in the room is that many of our patients are dying and... Continue Reading →

When Both Parents are Dying of Cancer, and the Hilarity That Ensues.

Courtesy of PS I Love You | By Linda Horton |Photo by Sandrachile on Unsplash | Originally Posted 10.01.2019 | Published 02.17.2020 No, really. Mom’s diagnosis came first, then Dad’s a few weeks later. After Mom started chemo and lost... Continue Reading →

Three Magical Phrases to Comfort a Dying Person

Courtesy of | By Jenny Harrington | Photo: gorodenkoff/Getty Images and Jenny Harrington | Originally Posted 03.09.2019 | Published 01.21.2020 At 3 p.m. on a Monday afternoon, death announced it was coming for him. He was only eight years... Continue Reading →

How to Make Doctors Think About Death

Courtesy of the New York Times| By Theresa Brown, RN | Illustration by Cecelia Jacobs | Originally Published 04.27.2019 | Posted 08.15.2019 End-of-life treatment guidelines would help families, physicians and nurses confront the inevitable with care and compassion. My patient,... Continue Reading →

Woman who died of cancer at 35 wrote about her life in her obituary: ‘Damn it was good!’

Courtesy of | By Nicole Darrah | Originally Published 04.17.2019 | Posted 05.26.2019 A 35-year-old woman who died of cancer earlier this month spent the last moments of her life living it up, and it's all detailed in her obituary — which she... Continue Reading →

How a nontraditional funeral helped this mom process her daughter’s tragic death.

Courtesy of | By Evan Porter | Originally Published 10.16.2016 | Posted 02.25.2019 Lucia Maya remembers getting a phone call from her 21-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. She was in agony. A creative writing student at the University of Arizona, Elizabeth... Continue Reading →

How Our Family Spent The Last Month Of My Wife’s Life

Courtesy of | By Sherry Kean | Photo by Sherry Kean | Posted 02.15.2019 I fell in love with her in my mid 30’s….the kind of love that takes your breath away and scares you with the intensity of... Continue Reading →

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