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Looking at dying and death for what it is: a part of life.



How to Make Doctors Think About Death

Courtesy of the New York Times| By Theresa Brown, RN | Illustration by Cecelia Jacobs | Originally Published 04.27.2019 | Posted 08.15.2019 End-of-life treatment guidelines would help families, physicians and nurses confront the inevitable with care and compassion. My patient,... Continue Reading →


A Good Life And A Good Death: What Is Palliative Care?

Courtesy of | By Carmel Wroth | Photo by Sturti/Getty Images | Originally Published 04.25.2019 | Posted 05.23.2019 "He will not die on your watch." That's what the family of a patient told Sunita Puri when she was a... Continue Reading →

Who You See Before You Die: Hospice Documenting Patients’ Mysterious Dream Experiences

Courtesy of | By David Highfield | Originally Published 02.25.2019 | Posted 04.04.2019 PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Death is one of the mysteries of life. But the dreams of patients at Hospice Buffalo in New York State are revealing something... Continue Reading →

The Choices We Make for Others at the End of Life

Courtesy of | By Sallie Tisdale | Photo by Photo by Maskot/Getty Images | Originally Published 01.29.2019 | Posted 03.23.2019 | A palliative care nurse explains what to expect in the last days and hours. In Advice for Future Corpses,... Continue Reading →

The Doctors Who Invented a New Way to Help People Die

Courtesy of The Atlantic | By Jennie Dear |Originally Published 01.22.2019 | Posted 03.04.2019 The two lethal medications used by terminal patients who wish to end their own life recently became unavailable or prohibitively expensive. In 2016, a small group... Continue Reading →

A Harder Death for People With Intellectual Disabilities

Courtesy of | By Tim Lahey, M.D. | Photo by iStock | Originally Published 04.05.2018 | Posted 06.04.2018 Hanover, N.H. — Several weeks after my patient was admitted to the intensive care unit for pneumonia and other problems, a... Continue Reading →

A doctor discovers an important question patients should be asked

Courtesy of The Washington | By  Mitch Kaminski, MD | Photo by Jon Schulte/iStock | Originally Published 03.09.2015 | Posted 03.28.2018 This patient isn’t usually mine, but today I’m covering for my partner in our family-practice office, so he has... Continue Reading →

How My Own Heartbreak Taught Me To Care For Grieving Patients

Courtesy of | By Claire Ankuda | Photo by Huy Phan/Unsplash | Originally published 08.08.2017 | Posted 03.21.2018 I met Arthur after he had forgotten how to get to the grocery store, then the names of friends, and then... Continue Reading →

‘It’s not your fault.’ The extraordinary pain of an ordinary miscarriage.

The Washington| By Maggie O'Farrell | Originally Published 03.07.2018 | Posted 03.11.2018 This is another topic that I need to address more:  miscarriage. April 22 will mark 20 years since the worst day of my life.  I always prepared myself with... Continue Reading →

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