Digital Advanced Directives Resources

Courtesy of National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization | Posted 10.24.2020

There are online advance care planning resources that may be of value to those concerned with access to their advance directive. Here are some options.

MyDirectives® and MyDirectives MOBILE™
Created by ADVault, Inc. MyDirectives’ easy-to-use platform combines thoughtful questions, helpful tools and options that educate and guide people through the process. For those who prefer to upload, store and share the advance directives they already have, like state forms, portable medical orders like POLST or MOLST forms, or Veterans Administration Form 10-0137, MyDirectives makes it easy to do. Apple® and Android® users anywhere can access and enjoy the full MyDirectives online experience by downloading MyDirectives MOBILE.  Visit

Vital Decisions
Vital Decisions empowers individuals and their caregivers to align medical care with what matters most in terms of personal values and goals. The company’s secure online platform, My Living Voice, makes advance care planning and documentation simple and effective, grounded in clinical excellence. In just a few minutes, individuals can:

    • Choose a healthcare proxy
    • Express what matters most when making critical healthcare decisions
    • Indicate preferences for life-extending treatment
    • Create, download and share a digital advance directive

In the spirit of National Healthcare Decisions Day, Vital Decisions is proud to offer My Living Voice to everyone, for free. Visit

Vynca helps individuals, their caregivers, and clinicians navigate the complex process of making choices for future care preferences, and ensuring they are honored. Any breakdown in this complex process results in medical errors, adverse events, unwanted healthcare utilization, and poor patient, caregiver, and clinician experience. Vynca offers a complete end-to-end EHR-integrated advance care planning solution for hospitals and health systems. Vynca’s eRegistry offers a solution to connect all clinicians across a state to the registry. Visit

The Health app from Apple, preloaded on many iPhones has a place to store your directive. On an iPhone, look for the red heart icon.

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