Karl-Anthony Towns: Mother in coma; Wolves confirm COVID-19 diagnosis

Courtesy of ESPN.Com | Written by Nick Friedell | Originally Publishd 03.25.2020 | Posted 03.25.2020

“…She was telling me things I didn’t want to hear so — I dismissed some things she was saying because it wasn’t something I want to hear. It came to a point where it’s difficult. It’s been very difficult for me and my family, to say the least. She’s the head of our household. She’s the boss.”

Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns 

No one KNOWS if this woman is going to die, BUT I want to point something out to the readers: THIS MOTHER WAS TRYING TELL HER SON SOMETHING.

Because IT WAS SOMETHING HE DID NOT WANT TO HEAR (maybe because what Mom was saying indicated that she was dying). He MAY HAVE chosen not to listen or he may have tried to change the subject to something “more pleasant”.

Research has shown that most people KNOW that they are dying. When the dying try to talk about what they are thinking/feeling, because it is uncomfortable for the loved ones, those loved ones pretend they don’t hear or ignore what is being said. But as painful as the situation may feel, what is being given is a gift. The dying person is TRUSTING the loved one with their thoughts as their life comes to a close.

How WONDERFUL to be allowed in that space.

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