Henry Darius Caraway

Today would have been my Dad’s 80th birthday.

He was a good man; a great Dad and Poppy.


  1. I worked with your Dad for many years at Eastman Kodak. He was top notch in everyway. Funny, honest, hard working and s completely gentleman. In a meeting he once referred the discussion to “reciprocity” and he become an office inside nickname. I know he is greatly missed by everyone that knew him. Thinking of him today helped me find your page. Please know he will never be forgotten by his friends.

    1. Nancy!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me about Dad. I smile at the use of the word “reciprocity”; I heard that a lot. Another term I would hear often from him is “quid pro quo” (e.g. “…well that’s nothing but quid pro quo!”).

      Dad was a good dude. I wish my he and my daughter (named Caraway) had got to know each other.

      Thank you again. I appreciate you.
      Warm regards,
      Lisa Caraway Oliver

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