The Musings of a Crematorium Worker

How much money do you think gets cremated over the course of a year? I can’t say a definitive amount, nor can anybody else who works in this industry either. However, what I can say is the total must be a lot. When cremulating cremated remains we often find different coins. It’s always fun trying to decipher what they once were. The 1ps and 2ps are the easiest to distinguish because of their colour and they are made up of copper – plated steel so tend to retain their shape. By shape, size and colour you usually can distinguish which coin was which. Every now and again you’ll get a curve ball, foreign currency will be in there and you haven’t got a clue what it was or where it came from.

Talking of curve balls. With the old £1 coin the fire would have distorted them and chipped away…

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