Dying and Death Talk is Developing a Podcast: Have Any Story Ideas?

My podcast partner and classmate, Jerry Drye, and I decided to develop a podcast about dying and death.  We haven’t thought of a name yet.  It’s going to be serious, but with a bit of humor and laughter just for balance.

Our first topic is going to be about FUNERALS.  Do you have any funerals that you attended that were just crazy?  Do you have thoughts on funerals?  Do you just “don’t do” funerals? Why is that?

Give us your thoughts about funerals or a topic we should address on our new podcast. We don’t have a show email address yet, so send your thoughts to lisa@drlisaoliver.com.

As a thank you for your excellent suggestion, we will give you a SHOUT OUT during our podcast.

Can’t wait to hear from y’all!



  1. This website is exciting to know about.
    I died in the recovery room in 2010, May 11.
    But I returned to life and am currently writing an autobiography about the unusual experience.
    Added to that experience is that I underwent a liver transplant on April 28, 2020 makes me experienced enough to share my unique relationship between living and dying.
    …and the disturbing emotional totality it takes on a family to help recuperate someone the age that I turned on June 8, 2020—68 years old.
    My family sacrifices continually to keep me on the journey toward independence.

    1. I had merely days to avoid death; prior to receiving a call from the University of Cincinatti on April 27, 2020.
      The voice specifically gave me instructions to be there within a couple of hours (3 1/2 hours away) from Grayson, Ky.

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