Babies and Hospice by Barbara Darius


It just goes against the natural order of things, a baby, that is a patient, in a hospice. But everyone dies, including newborns, and sometimes they come into hospice. I can’t provide specifics on the baby, but I can say the baby is a boy.

I have an infinity towards babies. Anytime I hear of a baby coming to the hospice, I put extra time in; I just like to sit and hold them. I figure if grown folks who can make sense of situations are afraid of death, a baby who has no idea WHAT is going on, must be afraid as well.  Hell, sometimes as an adult, I feel better if I can be held.

I found out about this little guy last Tuesday, and I have been going up to see him just about everyday, just to hold him for about an hour at a time.

One day, I sang Luther Vandross songs to him; he seemed to like that, as he fell asleep, even turning is head inward towards me to get comfortable. To my chagrin, some of the employees of the hospice told me they heard me singing.

On another day, I explained to him his life story; I told him how he was this brilliant boy, who was the sweetest smartest person in the entire school.  Not only was he smart, but considered and showed empathy to all.  He went to high school, where he played the Oboe in the marching band. He was a triple major in college; majoring in Architecture, Biology and Classics. When he graduated he was the first ever Biologist/Architect who was well read in the Classics. He later became a Fireman as well.  He married a nice person and together they had 6 children.  He died at the ripe old age of 96.  No real response out of the baby, just opening his eyes and looking around.

A lot of times I just sit quietly, kiss is forehead, and rock back and forth. I don’t know the situation of the newborn coming into the world but I want to make sure that as he is transitioning out of this world, he feels love.

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