The Stages of Grief (not just the “death” kind, the “any type of loss” kind)

Courtesy of The Writer’s Circle


A lot of people see the word “grief” and think “death”. Grief could be the loss of anything that one can lose: a job, a relationship, one’s looks, one’s ability to do something easily, the loss of being able to have children, the loss of a material possession, etc. This applies to EVERYTHING that we can experience as a loss.

Although this illustration shows a straightforward, logical path of grief, there is nothingbstraightforward about grief. Grief is different for everyone; even for same person experiencing the same incident that caused the grief process to begin the first time will not be the same process if the incident occurred a second or third time.

TRUE STORY: Years ago when I received the devastating news that my mother was killed in a automobile accident while returning from vacation, my grief pattern went from “SHOCK”, then “NUMBNESS”, then to “FEAR” – Fear that my husband would be next to leave me forever. My “FEAR” of losing my husband lasted YEARS – not to say that I did not continue through the grief process as time went on (I believe I am at the “HELPING OTHERS” stage now), but “FEAR” stayed with me for a long time.

Talk to you next time.  Take care of each other.


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