Mondays @ the hospice (04.06.15)

Hospice -  sign for medical fitness and health care

This week was really quiet in the hospice. Out of the 22 bed facility there were only 10 or 11 beds occupied. Ms. W. died (see the 03.31.15 entry); the feisty woman from last week (whose name I never got) was still there, but asleep. Ms. P (the beloved church lady) was still there and when I arrived, three of her family members where with her.

When I saw that Ms. P. had her family members there, I left. I did not want to intrude on their limited time with their loved one. I realize now that I should have engaged them with conversation, asking them about Ms. P.: what was she like, the things she liked to do, etc. I’ve read research that the hearing is the last sense to stop working when an individual dies. This was an opportunity for me to get some stories out of the family and maybe get them laughing and possibly have Ms. P. hear some loving memories of her. I suppose I will get better “reading” these situations in time.

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