8 Fascinating (but Quite Creepy) Things That Happen to Your Body When You Die (Morbid curiosity, satisfied)

Women’s Health Magazine
Published: March 6, 2015 | K. Alicia Fetters 

We’re hooked on murder- and death-obsessed shows like How to Get Away with Murder (who killed *******?!) and The Walking Dead (the zombie makeup is on-point), but most of us know very little about what actually happens to us when we die. After all, who really likes to think about kicking the can?

Some of the things that your body does in the hours after your final heartbeat are pretty cool (albeit in a slightly morbid way). Read on to learn what your body does when it doesn’t have relationship drama, workouts, or even breathing to deal with.

1. Your Hair and Nails Look Like They Grow
Have you heard that hair and nails keep growing in a casket? Well, they don’t, although it sure can look that way. Once you’ve kicked the bucket, your skin dries out, so it shrinks away from your cuticles and hair follicles, making your nails and hair appear longer than they were when you were alive and well, explains Robert D. Webster, author of Does This Mean You’ll See Me Naked? Field Notes from a Funeral Director.
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